Monday 7 May 2018

“This House runs on Love, Laughter and the Happiest of people” – The blackboard

The Benedict Bistro & Bar    3.5/5

Address: Building No. B647, Opposite Star Bucks, Bandra West, Chapel Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Specialty:  New York inspired menu with locally sourced ingredients
Type of Restaurant: All day bar and restaurant
The details above are from the restaurant/their website and are subject to change at their discretion
Price Range: 2500/- for two Exclusive of Drinks and applicable taxes and charges. They levy a 10% service charge
If you want the feel of a New York style bistro without getting on a plane, this is the place for you
The restaurant is divided into 2 levels, a more informal café like seating on the ground and a more formal sit down style on the first floor. The ground floor is brightly lit and more suited to brunch or a day-time snack or high tea. Upstairs is better for dinner.
Life’s Good, but its not perfect
We were welcomed with mini rainbow bagels and cream cheese. It was a cute amuse bouche and a good way to set the mood for a New York inspired dinner.
To start we ordered the Pork Belly with chimmichurri. This was an absolute delight. The spices were mild, not to overpower the pork.
Then we had the Peri-peri spiced Prawn . The prawns were cooked well, with the
potent hit of peri peri toned down for a global palate. The balance of flavors was perfect. The menu said it comes served with crushed peanuts. We didn’t find any.
Chicken wings were next on a fairly long list. The sauce was homage to the indelible impression Chinese food has on New York. Tangy and hot would be the perfect description.
The Nachos with Chicken were average and nothing much to write home about.
The Popcorn chicken were bite sized chicken tenders coated in panko crumbs served with a kimchi mayo. It was a good bar snack, perfect with a glass of beer. No stars and spangles on this one.
Mains: The mains are described as large plates; they are smaller than the industry average and are just enough for one.
We tried the slow cooked pork belly is supposed to be served with a sweet potato mash.
What we got was sweetened regular potatoes. Served with a berry jus, this felt like dessert served a course early. The pork was cooked well, though.
The Jerk chicken was a leg and thigh served with mashed potato and assorted veggies. The chicken was flavored just right and cooked well. The jerk flavours didn’t come on too strongly and with the sides, this made for a decent sized main.
The Tenderloin steak was marinated in garlic and rosemary, served with mash and mushrooms. They do the steak to order, so let them know how you like it.
Dessert:. With no space left, we had to give
dessert a miss, but we should be back soon.
Drinks: We tried the Upper East side wine Cup which was a concoction of red wine, cranberry juice, bitters and a slice of orange served on crushed ice. They have a reasonably good selection of cocktails. If you are with a group, they have pitchers of sangria, buckets of beer and bottle service on hard liquor.
Service wise, the servers are attentive and courteous. The menu is fairly descriptive, so its unlikely that you’ll need help to order.
Insider tips . If you are with a group, they have pitchers of sangria, buckets of beer and bottle service on hard liquor. They have pizzas to share as well.
Value for money The starters are reasonably well priced. The mains, taking into consideration portion size, are on the higher side.
What to wear It’s a very casual place, so whatever pleases you, really.

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