Sunday 3 December 2017

"We customize everything to suit the Indian palate"-Siddarth K,Sous Chef

Lima, BKC    3.5/5 

Address: 2, North Avenue, Maker Maxity, BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
Specialty: Ceviches from Peru, Grills from Brazil and Street Cuisine from Mexico
Type of Restaurant: Lounge bar
The details above are from the restaurant/their website and are subject to change at their discretion
Price Range: 3000/- for two Exclusive of Drinks and applicable taxes and charges. They levy a 10% discretionary service charge

The city’s first and probably only Peruvian restaurant is a little slice of Lima, along with a bit of Brazil and Mexico, influenced by China, Japan and Korea and modified to suit the “Indian palate”. Confused? Apparently, so are they 

Ambience As you enter, the first thing that strikes you is the artificial grass on the ceiling. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks. Its really there. Overall pleasing, the décor is a mix of Portuguese, Spanish and what have you. A reasonably large bar if you are looking for an after work tipple. Well-spaced seating, pleasant lighting and music that allowed conversation, made for a comfortable setting.

Life’s Good, but its not perfect
The location works. Bang in the middle of the Business District, it’s a good place for a working lunch or a relaxing drink after work. Nothing on the menu shocks, surprises or even thrills your palate. Good quality, fresh produce. Good variety for non-vegetarians. Vegetarians are catered to as well, though sometimes at the cost of taking liberties with a ceviche or a tiradito, dishes which by definition, are made with raw fish, but are served up with baby corn, asparagus, mushroom and zucchini. The Chinese Cantonese influence on Peru is apparent in the Chifa options, as is the Japanese in the Nikkei.
Starters: The Lamb taco was melt in the mouth perfection. One serving has 3 pieces, but you could easily put away more.
The Korean influenced Chicken Gochujang has a tad too much honey, presumably to tone down the potent hit of the gochujang chilly. This is served with a green tomato salsa, which is more of chutney, but tasted good, nonetheless.
Mains: The Chicharron is a Lima style fried pork rib. Fantastic portions, amazing produce. Tantalizing dry spice rub on the outside. But, that’s where it ends. The flavor doesn’t permeate through and the whole dish is difficult to finish. We couldn’t, and we LOVE pork.
Dessert: Baklava, Firni and Vathalapam jostle for space in the dessert section along with the more traditional Yucca Tresleches (which is made with fresh cassava root and 3 milks) and the Enamorado ( a rather delightful concoction of baked chocolate mousse, Pisco, coffee and dark chocolate)
Now, the Indian desserts, we understand. What was the Middle East doing in the middle of things?
Drinks: As is the case with the food, the drinks menu offers pisco (brandy) and cachaça (similar but NOT the same as white rum) from Peru. The main difference in production between the two distillates, is that rum is made with boiled sugar cane juice (molasses). Cachaça, however, has historically always been made ​​with fresh sugarcane juice, called garapa.
They do, however, offer a fair selection of cocktails based on these two, along with the staple options available elsewhere.
Service wise, they are eager to please, without constantly hovering, and concerned if something’s not to your liking.  An extra half point for service.

Insider tips Do ask for assistance on what to order. The servers are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to what goes into the food, thankfully.  
They have an 8 course meal for 2 called the ‘Lima Grand Fiesta’ which comes with both veg and non-veg options and a glass of house wine each.

What to wear it’s a lounge bar, so, its not its necessary to wear your Sunday best. We wouldn't show up in our pajamas either. 

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"We customize everything to suit the Indian palate"-Siddarth K,Sous Chef

Lima, BKC    3.5/5 Address: 2, North Avenue, Maker Maxity, BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051 Spe...