Friday 2 March 2018

“To eat or to drink, that is the question” - Sumo

Lord of the Drinks, Andheri     4/5

Address: B26/1, Aver Road, Veera Desai Industrial Road, Opposite VIP Plaza, Near Infintiy Mall, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Specialty:  This is the place you go to party. Food from around the world, designed to complement drinks.
Type of Restaurant: All day bar and restaurant
The details above are from the restaurant/their website and are subject to change at their discretion
Price Range: 2500/- for two with one non-alcoholic beverage each. Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges. They levy a 10% service charge
Lord of the Drinks is spread across 10,000 sq ft , 2 floors with a bar on each floor. They also have an al fresco seating on the ground level.
Spacious is a term seldom used to describe restaurants in Mumbai. Low lighting and music that gets louder as the evening progresses, makes this the perfect place for a date or an evening out with friends.
Life’s Good, but it’s not perfect
We had a LOT to eat here, which only goes to show how good everything was
Corn & Mushroom Tart shell was as the name suggests, Corn and mushroom, in a black pepper béchamel, topped with Goat cheese and caramelized onion. Perfectly crisp short crust shells with a tasty filling.
Yellow corn & Roasted garlic Dimsum was a unique combination as far as dimsums go. This intrigued us on the menu, which is why we ordered it. Perfectly cooked dimsums, with two sauces which added flavour and zing to the dish.
Stir Fried Mixed veg was a combination of Asian veg, mildly spiced in an oriental sauce. An interesting bar snack for a vegetarian.
We found the vegetarian snacks on offer tasty despite our predisposition to non-veg. We moved onto home ground with…
Dilli Chili which is none other than the all time favorite chilli chicken done in the Delhi Chindo style. The chicken was perfectly cooked and came with a side of fried noodles for crunch.
We then had the Non-veg Tandoori Platter with a trio of Chicken Tikka, Gilafi seekh and Fish Tikka with a Kasundi Glaze. Served on skewers, the meat was cooked to perfection. Great portion size.
Three cheese baked mushroom was Mushroom in a Mornay sauce (a Béchamel sauce with grated cheese) with Cheddar and Parmesan, baked in a mashed potato ring. If you are drinking, this carb-heavy dish is something you would enjoy. Not a classic Mornay, this was enjoyable, nonetheless.

The Makhani Paneer Casserole was served with pickled onions and Laccha Paratha. A simple but rich dish, we were delighted to find a makhani sauce that was not as sweet as it tends to be.
Mutton Biryani was a recommendation we couldn’t refuse. And we were glad we didn’t. A fragrant biryani with a generous serving of mutton, falling apart and perfectly spiced.

Dessert: Paan Icecream Martini was Paan spiked Icecream with rose dust, khopra (dry dessicated coconut) , betel nut slivers, betel leaf and a thandai shot. As someone who cringes at the very thought of paan, this is the dish we’d go back for. A perfect end to the meal.
Drinks: It IS the Lord of the drinks, after all. Great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Good variety of both domestic and imported. They have a quarter and bottle service on a fair number of brands.
Service wise, the servers are courteous and friendly.
Insider tips
For a watering hole, the food is phenomenal. Eat well.
What to wear: Club wear, especially if it’s a weekend or for dinner.

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